Manufacturer of Surge Protectors and High Current Filters

Authorised Agent & Stocking Distributor

NexTek is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of coaxial lightning protectors and high current EMI / RFI feed-through filters. Based in Westford, Massachusetts, Nextek was founded in 1986 to supply bespoke EMC solutions to the electronics industry which spawned a comprehensive range of standard product solution.

NexTek’s industry-leading product portfolio draws on gas discharge tube (GDT) and quarter wave stub (QWS) technologies for its high specification and high quality lightning / surge protectors. Hybrid units combine these with semiconductor technology for ultra-fine protectors for military applications.

Nextek’s range of high current filters utilise ceramic capacitor technology for EMI / RFI filtering and include one of the most compact filters in the World.

NexTek employs AQL testing at incoming goods, work in process and final inspection and are fully certified to ISO9001: 2008.

Nextek parts available from Globec:

SeriesPart NameDetails
PTC seriesSurge protector - fixed GDT Product Data
PTR seriesSurge protector - replaceable GDT Product Data
QSS seriesSurge protector - quarter wave stub Product Data
FPL seriesFine protector for satnav applications Product Data
FPN seriesFine protector for HEMP/NEMP Product Data
HPR seriesHigh current filter Product Data