Manufacturer of electronic components based on Ceramic technology.

Authorised Technical Agent & Stocking Distributor

Maruwa’s origins date back to the Edo period (1800’s) and a ceramic artist family who manufactured ceramic dishes and porcelain products. Since 1960, the company’s core competence in Ceramic technology has been focused on products and components for the electronics industry around the globe.

Maruwa’s long established expertise in ceramic technology and global manufacturing base is the key element supporting its four business divisions including;

  • Ceramics – designing, processing and patterning ceramic substrates for a wide range of electronic circuit applications
  • Electronic Components – integrating ceramic material technology into a wide range of RF components and devices such as EMI filters, inductors and EMC surge and suppression parts.

Maruwa plants are approved to ISO9001:2008 quality standards

Maruwa parts available from Globec:

SeriesPart NameDetails
CV SeriesMultilayer Chip Varistors Product Data
RC SeriesMultilayer Ceramic Capacitor Maruwa Capabilities
RT SeriesCeramic Disc Capacitors Maruwa Capabilities
CN SeriesChip Type EMI Filters Maruwa Capabilities
D*M SeriesComplex Block Type EMI Filters Product Data
DIPL SeriesFeed-through Filter Arrays Product Data