CTS Electronic Components

Manufacturer of Ceramic Filters and Precision Oscillators

Authorised Technical Agent & Stocking Distributor

CTS EC is a Global leader in the design and manufacture of an extensive range of Ceramic and Crystal-based engineered electronics components, Piezoelectric materials, Heat management and Resistor-based products.

With engineering and production facilities across the Globe, CTS uses state-of-the-art technology to manufacture a wide range of products to support applications in wireless communications, medical, defence, aerospace, computer and industrial equipment applications.

A division of CTS Corporation (NYSE: CTS) founded in 1896 they are proud of their 100-year heritage of innovative products and engineering excellence.

CTS Electronic Components parts available from Globec:

SeriesPart NameDetails
CER / KFF seriesCeramic monoblock filter Product Data
UMD SeriesUniversal metro-cell duplexers Product Data
UPD seriesUniversal pico-cell duplexers Product Data
USD SeriesUniversal small-cell duplexers Product Data
ClearPlex SeriesCeramic wave guide filters Product Data
Quartz CrystalsQuartz crystals Product Data
Clock OscilatorsClock oscillators Product Data
VCXOVoltage controlled oscillators Product Data
TCXOTemperature compensated crystal oscillators Product Data
ZIF 111Rugged PCB retainer Product Data
AER seriesPrecision forged heat sinks Product Data
ClearOneResistor termination network Product Data
FHX seriesHigh temperature fan heat-sink Product Data