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EMC/Lightning Suppression and Hybrid Microcircuit components

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Globec RoHS compliance logoStatement of Globec’s current position;

  • Globec has fully investigated the issues and potential business changes posed by the European Parliamentary Directive 2002/95/EC Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).
  • A dedicated project manager has been appointed in the person of; Ian Hopgood – Director, Email :
    Tel : 01793 780790, Fax : 01793 780776
  • Globec has no manufacturing but has approached all its suppliers with regard to compliance to the directive of their respective products.
  • The current status for each individual supplier can be found on the Globec website at which is updated on a regular basis.
  • Globec is fully committed to working with its suppliers to provide RoHS compliant versions of its all its products to customers who require it by the directive deadlines

Tusonix Inc

  • Manufacture a full range of products available in RoHS compliant versions.
  • RoHS parts identified by part number suffix “LF”

pdfs Tusonix statement (76kB)
Tusonix Engineering Report (20kB)


NexTek Inc

  • All standard products will be RoHS compliant from 01-MAR-06.
  • RoHS parts identified by date code according to NexTek’s environmental policy.

pdfs Nextek statement (88kB)


Thunderline-Z Inc

  • RoHS compliant products - TBA
  • RoHS parts identified - TBA


T&E Industries Inc

  • Majority of product is non-RoHS compliant due to solder-dip plating as specified by customers
  • RoHS compliant parts available using pure Tin or Gold plating per customer preference
  • RoHS parts are identified by specification

Deltron A.G.

  • All connectors manufactured for RoHS compliance.
  • RoHS parts identified by date code per Deltron’s statement

pdfs Deltron statement (32kB)


Suntan Technology Ltd

  • Most products are available with RoHS compliance. Remaining products will be available by 01-JAN-06.
  • RoHS parts identified by part number suffix “F” = Lead free and “R” = RoHS

SatCon Electronics Inc

  • • All thin film based products are RoHS compliant. Although NiChrome resistors contain 0.1microgram of Chromium, it is alloyed with Nickel in metallic form – not hexavalent!

BERU Microelectronics s.a.

  • Manufacturing hybrids in full compliance with RoHS directive.
  • Thick film pastes containing Lead are exempt from the directive.
  • RoHS parts identified by product specification

Stellar Industries Inc

  • Majority of processes for thin film and DBCu are RoHS compliant but some thick film inks (Dupont) do not meet requirements for Lead and/or Cadmium. Dupont are working on replacement compositions to meet JUL-06 deadlines.
  • RoHS parts identified by product specification

Lasereliance Inc

  • Service provider – no manufacturing

Accumet Engineering Inc

  • Service provider – no manufacturing







 Tel: 01793 780790
 Fax: 01793 780776

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