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Drilling / Cutting Services from Lasereliance

Drilling / Cutting Services from Lasereliance

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Globec is the UK technical agent and distributor for laser cutting and machining services performed in the USA by Lasereliance Technologies Inc.

Using the latest in CO2 laser technology, advanced CNC controllers and high speed boring-head devices we offer a range of services including : drilling, machining, scribing and processing of material such as ceramic, metals, plastic, rubber and composites. All with little or no debris. Our specialist application is hybrid microelectronics.

Laser processing is an extremely fast and cost effective method for achieving very tight tolerances, delicate patterns and increasingly smaller holes for advanced production technologies. It is especially suited for applications requiring high accuracy, non-contact machining or narrow heat zone control.

Key Services

  • Laser Drilling – hole sizes as small as .004” [100µm]
  • Laser Machining – cutting by vaporising area with ultra-fine lasers
  • Laser Scribing – etching lines into the material .003” [76µm] wide to create a snap-strate.
  • Post Processing – non-contact laser cuts and scribing.
  • Hybrid Substrates – close tolerance, delicate patterns, small holes


Government projects, Entertainment equipment, Automotive products, Hybrid microelectronics, Wireless telecommunications, Electric fuel cells



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