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Precision Substrates from Accumet Electronics

Precision Substrates from Accumet Electronics

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High precision substrates machined in the USA by Accumet Engineering Corporation are available in the UK from Globec.

A wide variety of substrates materials including Aluminium Oxide, Aluminium Nitride, Tungsten Carbide, Titanates, Quartz, Beryllium Oxide and metals can be polished to fine surface tolerances as low as 0.000001” [25nm], for applications requiring ‘Exact Duplicate’ repeatability!

Services include precision lapping & polishing, laser machining & drilling, diamond sawing, edge grinding, OD / ID grinding and tumbling.

Key Features

  • MICRO-FINE Surface Tolerances as low as 0.000001” [25nm]
  • Quality and consistency for repeatable performance and peace of mind
  • Wide variety of substrate materials
  • Commercial and military specifications


Thin and thick film microelectronics, Science research and Space electronics.

Accumet Electronica
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