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SIPEX Converter Products from SatCon Electronics

SIPEX Converter Products from SatCon Electronics

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In September 2002, SatCon Electronics acquired the military hybrid production lines and associated products from SIPEX Inc., in an agreement which included the transfer of production and test equipment, historical data and knowledge and the expertise of key engineering, manufacturing and customer service personnel.

The product lines include SIPEX high-reliability data conversion products, such as amplifiers, A-D & D-A converters, custom thin film hybrid assemblies and multi-chip modules for military applications including weapons and flight control systems.

As the authorised agent and distributor for SatCon Electronics, the SIPEX products are now available from Globec UK.


Precision test & measurement, Harsh Environments (down-hole), Military & Aerospace Electronics, Instrumentation.

SatCon Electronics
SIPEX Product List
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