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Voltage Reference Modules from SatCon Electronics

Voltage Reference Modules from SatCon Electronics

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Globec is the authorised UK agent and distributor for the HC2700 family of voltage references designed and manufactured in the USA by SatCon Electronics.

The HC2700 series comprises of –10V, +10V and +/-10V stable and ultra-stable voltage references for use over industrial or military temperature ranges. Package options include standard 14-pin Dual-in-Line (DIL) or 28-pin Leadless Chip Carriers (LCC) and versions are available fully compliant to Mil-Std 883.

Key Features

  • Commercial, Industrial and Military Temperature Ranges
  • Initial Accuracy to better than 1.0mV
  • Temperature coefficients to 1ppm/°C
  • Short Circuit Protected
  • Long Term Stability (25ppm / 1000hrs @25°C)
  • Low Noise Operation


High accuracy D-A and A-D conversion, Precision test & measurement, Harsh Environments (down-hole), Military & Aerospace Electronics, Instrumentation.

SatCon Electronics
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HC2700 Series

Part Type Tolerance @ 25°C Temp Range Tolerance over Temp range

HC2700 & HC2710

+ 10 Volt

1.0mV to 5.0mV

0 to +70°C
-25°C to +85°C
-55°C to +125°C

1.5mV – 11.0mV
2.2mV – 8.0mV
4.5mV – 5.5mV

HC2701& HC2711

- 10 Volt

HC2700 & HC2710

+/- 10 Volt






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