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SatCon IGBT Module

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Globec is the authorised agent and distributor for High Power IGBT modules designed and manufactured in the USA by SatCon Electronics.

The FLH001C1S module is an isolated base, dual IGBT module with fast recovery diode designed specifically for power circuits. This compact design has an isolated base for direct mounting to the heat sink for maximum thermal efficiency. The module isolates the high power from the low power and is easy to parallel for higher power requirements.

Key Features

  • Small size : 1.100”(w) x 1.407”(l) x 0.250”(h) [28mm x 36mm x 6.35mm]
  • Switching Frequency : 5 – 10 KHz.
  • Voltage rating : 600Vpk
  • Current rating : IGBT = 150Apk // Diode = 150Apk


Power Circuits – Power factor correction, Full bridge topologies, Half bridge topologies, Push-Pull Circuits, Uninterruptible power supplies, Zero voltage and current switching.

SatCon Electronics
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