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Precision Thin Film Resistor Networks from SatCon Electronics Inc

Precision Thin Film Resistor Networks from SatCon Electronics Inc

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Globec (UK) is the authorised technical agent and distributor for precision thin film resistor networks manufactured in the USA by SatCon Electronics Inc.

Using state-of-the-art thin film techniques, precision resistors are fabricated onto ceramic substrates to form standard networks and custom designs. Resistors are trimmed using computer-controlled lasers to achieve high precision and accurate ratios. Networks can be shipped in substrate form or mounted into a range of hermetically sealed ceramic (dual-in-line, flat-pack or leadless chip carrier) and TO-style packages. Packaged networks are available with Military screening and qualification

This range features parts previously manufactured by HyComp, Hybrid Systems and SIPEX.

Key Features

  • Standard and Custom designs
  • Resistor values – up to 2M ohm per resistor and 5M ohms per network
  • Tolerances – 0.1% absolute and .005% ratio
  • Temperature Coefficients – (TCR) 25ppm and (TCRT) 1ppm
  • Power rating – 150mW per resistor and 750mW per network
  • Operating temperature – From –55°C to +200°C
  • Military processing and qualification


Operational and instrument amplifiers, Precision attenuators, Active filters, Voltage or current dividers, Data converters, Pull-up/pull-down networks in Military, Aerospace and Instrumentation industries.


SatCon Electronics
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