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Chip Spiral Inductors from Globec (UK)

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Globec (UK) is a technical agent and distributor for a range of chip spiral inductors manufactured in the USA.

These spiral inductor chips are fabricated using photolithography and plating techniques on quartz substrates to provide circuits with uniformity, durability and repeatability.

Key Features

  • Planar Solid Structure Coil
  • Inductance values – 15nH to 75nH
  • Size – From .040” x .040” up to .065” x .065”
  • Series Resistance – From 2.8 ohms to 8.5 ohms @ DC
  • Q value – 20(min) to 30(max)
  • Package style - Chip


As bias injection to oscillators, amplifiers and microwave switches, and to bias tuning varactors, PIN diodes, transistors and monolithic circuits in RF & microwave components and Instrumentation.



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