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Accumet - High Precision Polishing and Lapping of Substrates

Accumet - High Precision Polishing and Lapping of Substrates

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Accumet Engineering

Accumet Engineering is a leading provider of ultra precise grinding, lapping and polishing services with over 30 years of continuous manufacturing experience.
Accumet Engineering is based in Hudson, Massachusetts and has been machining substrates since 1970.

Accumet Electronics is dedicated to providing extremely tight tolerance and super fine finishes on a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous, carbide, ceramic and sapphire substrate materials. By using several unique cutting, lapping and polishing techniques and processes, Accumet provide repeatability and consistency time-after-time.

Accumet Engineering’s Quality Management System is approved to ISO9001:2000

Globec is a technical agent and distributor for Accumet Engineering’s ultra precision services and responsible for customers across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Services include

  • Precision Lapping and Polishing
  • Laser Drilling and Machining
  • Computerised Diamond Sawing


Contact Details

Accumet Engineering Corporation
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 Tel: 01793 780790
 Fax: 01793 780776

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