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Quarter Wave Stub Protectors from Nextek

Quarter Wave Stub Protectors from Nextek

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Available from Globec (UK), the QWS protectors manufactured in the USA by Nextek Inc., incorporate quarter-wave stub technology for high transient capability, exceptional RF performance up to 3.3GHz and compact packaging.

These protectors permit a narrow frequency band to pass while remaining frequencies are grounded, giving bi-directional protection and multiple strike transient capability. SurgeGuard™ plating provides superior RF power capability and low PIM.


  • Connector styles : N-type, 7/16 DIN
  • VSWR = 1.10:1 and Insertion Loss = 0.1dB
  • Peak Current : 100kA (8msx20ms) – multiple strike capability
  • Low Passive Inter Modulation (-150dBc PIM)


Wireless and cellular communications, commercial telecommunications, emergency services and military radio, and radar systems.






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