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Coaxial Lightning Protectors from Nextek

Coaxial Lightning Protectors from Nextek

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Globec (UK) is the authorised stockist and distributor for the PTC and PTR ranges of coaxial lightning protectors designed and manufactured in the USA by Nextek Inc.

PTC protectors employ gas discharge tube technology to protect electrical / electronic equipment from lightning surges in the range DC to 2.5GHz.

This unique rugged design is weather-proof and blocks transients from both sides of the protector.

PTR protectors are similar to the PTC range but include a screw-cap holder for the protection element to facilitate easy access and replacement for a planned maintenance programme.


  • Connector styles : N-type, TNC, BNC, SMA, F-type, 7/16 DIN
  • VSWR = 1.25:1 and Insertion Loss = 0.2dB
  • Peak Current : 40kA (8µsx20µs) – multiple strike capability
  • Passes DC
  • GDT Voltages : 90, 150 230, 350, 470, 600, 800, 1000V


Wireless and cellular communications, commercial telecommunications, emergency services and military radio, and radar systems.






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