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Variable ceramic trimmer capacitor from Tusonix

Variable ceramic trimmer capacitor from Tusonix

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Globec supplies a range of ceramic-based trimmer capacitors manufactured in the USA by Tusonix Inc. Various lead configurations facilitate a range of PTH or SMD mounting and adjustment options.

512 McQ Series – Tusonix newest SMD trimmer! Measuring just 3.3(w) x 4.4(l) x 2.2(h) this product is designed for space critical applications. Capacitance range is 1 – 25pF with working voltage of 100Vdc up to +125°C

513 VARI-thin Series – Measuring 5mm x 2mm high this range offers a monolithic rotor design for optimum stability and ruggedness. Capacitance ranges from 1 – 40pF and working voltage is 100Vdc

518 Series – Measuring 5.5mm x 3.6mm high this range boasts a sealed-in ceramic rotor for stability in extreme conditions and precision lapped surfaces for smooth tuning over the 1 – 40pF capacitance range. This range is also available as a military qualified part.


528 Series – Similar to the 518 series this range offers a lower cost solution for less demanding applications.

538 Series – Measuring 9.5mm x 7.9mm high this series offers an extended capacitance range from 2 – 60pF and higher working voltages up to 350Vdc. This range is also available as a military qualified part.


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