Ian Hopgood, MBA


As a qualified Electronics Engineer from the Atomic Energy Authority (Harwell) and graduating with a Masters’ Degree in Business Administration from Oxford Brookes University, Ian has been responsible for the company’s Technical Sales and Marketing function since its inception in 1992.

With a history of experience in electronic engineering design, technical support and technical sales, his aim is to ensure that every proposal to our customers is the ‘right-fit’ product, first-time and every time.

the UK electronics industry has always been an exciting arena to work in and through its proven formula, Globec has been a key contributor to many significant industry success stories”.

Steph Clinkard, MCIPD


Graduating from Oxford Brookes University with a degree in Personnel Management and with a background in manufacturing, Steph welcomed the opportunity of heading up the Finance and Administration side of Globec from its inception in 1992.

With specific experience in Finance and HRM her aim is to ensure a high-quality attention to detail from ‘receipt of order’ to ‘product delivery’ and beyond for all customers.

A member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development her beliefs centre around quality, integrity, and retaining long term harmonious relationships with customers and suppliers alike.